The “Visit to the fleet” was on 7th to inspire students in first experience of national defense. (Photo credit: Military News Agency)

First winter challenging educational camp ever as “Visit to the fleet” commenced

Publication Date: 2017/02/07

(Military News Agency report in Kaohsiung, 7th ) It was the first time ever of MND launching “Winter challenging educational camp of national defense”. The first one was “Visit to the fleet” launched at Zuoying Naval Base. All young participants start their experience in Navy under the lead of Navy officers.

All students rallied in the morning to follow the busy visiting schedule. On the LCU landing vessels they sailed around the harbor and went on board to several vessels under officers’ instructions. They observed and experienced the life and work in harbor and on vessels from a sailor’s perspective. The actual onsite learning made all students impressed.

At the lunch time, Commander Lieutenant General Shao was present himself and invited all birthday boys/girls to cut a cake. Apart from making them feel the bound in Navy General Shao also represented the unit to welcome all of them, expecting they can cherish the precious opportunity to understand the Navy and even excite their passion to devote themselves into serving the country.

In the afternoon they dropped by to Naval Anti-submarine Air Squad for experiences in aircraft mocking devices, static aircraft display and dynamic take-off/landing demonstration. The introduction was given by officers to have all students understand the fundamental knowledge of national defense.

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