NanShan Study Camp, the fourth echelon study members in front of “Nan-gian Lock Key” memorial monument (photographed by journalist Lin Ze-Ting from Military News Agency)

The first Nanshan Camp on “Teaching Group” landed Pacific Island, promoting our sovereignty in the South Sea

Publication Date: 2017/07/28

(reported by journalist Lin Zeh-ting from Military News Agency on August 27th in Kaohsiung)The forth echelon this year of “National Defense Nanshan Study Camp”, the arrival of Zue-ying harbor this morning, in total of 21 students from junior and elementary teachers, working with the Navy Chung-De warship for South Sea investigation mission, landing the Pacific Island to promote national sovereignty, this echelon is also the first time that have elementary school and junior school teachers involved, which effectively elevates Nanshan Study camp’s teaching capability level.

This camp is taking on “Chung-De warship” heading towards Nanshan Pacific Isalnd, moving towards the far end of the southern nation, which proactively gives voice of our sovereignty in the South Sea, in full presentation of patriotism from the academic scholars. During the sail, the Chung-de warship has organized basic navy capability courses such as “Aviation overlooking and helmsman training manual”, “Hang-flag signal identification”, “Damage control”, “Signal flag identification and flag hanging operation” and “Chart measure and 6 minutes machine operation training” so all the study members could experience all hard works done on the patrolling expedition by the navy through all kinds of practical works.

Later on, after four days and nights of sailing, Chung-de warship has arrived Pacific island on the 23th morning. The teachers and students have been very warm welcomed by the Nanshan Commanders from Coastal Guard Bureau in the south region. Followed by the guidance of the coastal officers’ guidance, they subsequently visit Nanshan Hospital and No. 5 Dan Shui Well, in the mean time visiting the conviction center of Pacific Island, “Guan-Yin Pavilion”, and riding the bikes to visit the airport track, to personally verify the hard works conduct by our national south sea sovereignty and the officers’ laborious works.

During the visiting period, the teachers are taking on their precious time to send out postcards, as well to work on environmental planting and costal cleaning activities, so that their practical works could be presented to show their patriotism to the nation as well as the full support. On the other hand, the teachers have shared their thoughts and well blessings through the activation and delivery of “time-capsule”, awaiting for the answers of the first echelon next year, signifying spiritual extension of the camp study.

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