Luo Shao-Ho: Soldiers Should Abide by Regulations so as not to Disappoint the Expectations of the People

Publication Date: 2016/04/12

(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing-Jie, Taipei, April 12th) Regarding the media inquiry of the “Armed Forces Conducting Disciplinary Review”, the Ministry of National Defense spokesmen Lieutenant General Luo Shao-Ho expressed in the press conference today that the disciplinary meeting will not affect the combat missions of the military.

Luo Shao-Ho pointed out that history has proven the strength of a combat force lies not only with training and equipment, but also requires high morale and strict discipline. If the officers and soldiers are lax in combat readiness, undisciplined, lose personal judgment capacities or fail to abide by code of conducts, then even if they are equipped with the most advanced equipment, they would not be able to become an invincible iron force.

Luo Shao-Ho stressed that “Discipline is the lifeblood of the armed forces”. A modernized professional soldier should always abide by the regulations and rules in their conduct and demonstrate their compliance and discipline. The conduct of military personnel is not just a matter of personal image, honor, but will also affect the public perception of the military. As such, military personnel should possess a higher standard of self-discipline to uphold the military honor and image, and to win the support of the people so as not to disappoint the expectations of the people.

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