Cheng Te-Mei Issues Medal to Retiring Official in Recognition for his Military Service

Publication Date: 2016/04/18

(Military News Agency reporter, Chou Li-Xing, Taipei, April 18th) Deputy Minister of National Defense, General Cheng Te-Mei will be issuing the Class A Medal of Outstanding Staff to retiring Colonel Yu Bo-Le in the Bo-Ai Military Base today in recognition of his exceptional contributions and his dedicated service during his military career.

On behalf of Minister Gao Guang-Chi, Deputy Minister Cheng Te-Mei expressed gratitude to Colonel Yu who had dedicated his youth and life to the military building efforts, and also encouraged him to continue his support for military efforts after his retirement by providing constructive suggestions to promote the stable development of national defense policies.

In addition, to ensure that retiring officials are informed of their personal rights and privileges, services and secrecy requirements, the Ministry of National Defense will also arrange for dedicated personnel to explain the rules as an expression of concern for military personnel.

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