Marine Recon training squad went through heaven road on 11th and the candidates struggled all the way to end. (Photo credit: Military News Agency)

Road to heaven as 23 “tadpoles” became marine “frogmen”

Publication Date: 2017/01/11

(Military News Agency report in Kaohsiung on, 11th) The Marine Recon held an graduation ceremony for 144th training squad as the end of the week of general tests at Houcai military compound. After the painful and crucial training, 23 candidates “tadpole” would become the true “Frogman” with badges once they passed the test of “heaven road”.

In the morning it was the last test of the week of general tests (so-called “the hell week”), the “heaven road”. On the 50-meter long road of coral-reef rocks, all candidates had to show all skills and movements, including prone kick, supine kick, prone handstand, hand-foot crawling, leg movements, and back movements. There were two instructors for each movement and those afraid, hesitated, disobeying and unsolid would be requested to start over again. During the course of agony the families and relatives were all aside to cheer for the folks in hope of them to pass the test. Tears were on cheeks as a motivation of every candidate to proceed and finish it one after another to earn the badge.

The 144th training squad started with 80 candidates but was screened by 10-week tough training to 23 candidates left for the heaven road. These 23 new born frogmen are able to show their combat capacity and execute the mission with accuracy even though under extremely physical and metal pressure. They will, in the future, hold the spirits of Semper Fi and 3 no-fears in the face of all challenges to stand for the morale and core value of marines.

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