Colonel Yu taking an oath as commander of ADMU on 1st with the presence of General Shen (Photo Credit: Military News Agency)

Air-defense missile unit under Air Force command amid encouragement of General Shen

Publication Date: 2017/03/01

(Military News Agency, Taipei, 1st) Air Force General Shen held the commencement ceremony of Air-defense missile unit (ADMU). He encouraged all members in the spirit of “Refinement” to fulfill the air-defense ability of “One destined shot from thousands miles away”. May ADMU boost for prosperity.

ADMU has been re-arranged to under the command of Air Force since March 1st. In the morning the commencement ceremony was held at Shen-Jian military site with the presence of predecessor commanders. During the ceremony General Shen promulgated the order of assignments followed by the oath and flag presentation.

General Shen gave his gratitude to all predecessors and military members for daily their contributions on duty which make each task and practice flawless to secure the safety of Taiwan.

General Shen indicated ADMU is always highly alerted and one of the most high-tech powers among the forces, especially critical in joint air-defense battle. Over the past practices the spirit of “Success from thousands miles away” and the remarkable traditional of “Destined to achievement” have been clearly presented.

General Shen also said prior to the re-arrangement of ADMU he had lead other directors to visit missile units spread among Taiwan and its remote islands. He was impressed as the performance of those members well fits to the core value of “Refinement” and their passion persistently has them carry on their duty.

General Shen expressed the focus of ADMU shall be on the “Quality of equipment and personnel”. He expected under the leadership of Commander Yu all members can absorb multiple knowledge in different perspectives such as humanity, history, art, philosophy and science apart from military professions. It is all for better judgement and execution in leadership and teamwork.

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