Marine 99 Regiment participating in “LY106-2” Exercise and in charge of hitting force in tests on 23rd to engage the enemy with superior power. (Photo Credit: Military News Agency)

General Pu oversaw LY Exercise and complimented their performance

Publication Date: 2017/04/04

(Military News Agency, Pingtung, 3rd) MND Deputy Chief of General Staff, General Pu, headed to JOTBC to oversee “LY106-2” Exercise and compliment the performance of Marine 99 Regiment that passed the tests as a solid proof of daily hard work.

During the exercise in the morning Marine 99 Regiment was in charge of ground hitting force that suppressed the enemy with the covering fire of air and artillery units. The SF punched through the enemy defense line by high mobility and accurate shooting to show the performance of joint operations as valid results of tests on commanding chain, control and strategic applications.

The tests were divided into two stages at Renshou and Baoli hill instructing sites. Throughout the tests all members were well trained and dedicated to the challenges and successfully coped with enemy contacts and situations. Every member was making good use of this chance to improve the combat ability and complete the tests.

After finishing the exercise General Pu on behalf of Director of MND rewarded the troop with extra per diem to thank for all effort involved and highlight their daily hard work on preparation. General Pu reminded all members of how critical the daily preparation is in the face of multiple threats and challenges in present days.

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