Ling-Yi Chen (L), taking part in the project “Reserves on board again” on 11th, was working on the affair of administration. (Photo Credit: MNA)

Reserves on board again with female members for the first time

Publication Date: 2017/04/11

(Military News Agency, Taichung, 11th) For a better reserve system and refined forces, 234 Division of Army 10th Regiment started the affair of “Reserves on board again” of April. After the member back into units, the pre-education will be the first of all accompanying the schedule of troops. The principle is “Learning while working” to restore the skills as an enhancement in reserve capability.

The Deputy Commander of Army 10th Regiment, General Chao, met and encouraged the reserves in the morning. Apart from explaining the schedule and complimenting the reserves on their solid action, he hoped that everyone could be dedicated to national security and expected that the reserves shouldered the burden of protection.

Army 10th Regiment indicated that the reserves of this batch possess middle or high-end skills, including the technicians, specific drivers and engineers in addition to snipers, IT and admin. Besides, there were two female members on board again.

Shao-Ping Li, who is now taking a position in hospital administration, said the reserves report to duty 2 days a month and 7 consecutive days for yearly exercise which she considered was not an interruption in her career. She believed being trained again and part of the effort to protect the country is a duty of everyone.

Another female member, Ling-Yi Chen, said during her years in the army the time management she learned supports her with optimism in face of the working stress. She was grateful and thus, she showed her support to this project with solid action to serve the country once again.

Wen-Chi Wu, once a sniper but a farmer now, was discharged in 2011 and never touched a rifle or practiced shooting ever since. He believed it is an honor to serve the country again as a reserve. He said he would practice and sharpen his skills to be the best part of the reserve.

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