NCSIST’s Chief Kuan-Chun Chang (right) and AIDC’s Chairman of the Board Jung-Hsin Liao signed the agreement on new training aircraft on 25th. (Photo Credit: MNA)

Agreement on new training aircraft to stimulate the era of aerospace technology

Publication Date: 2017/04/25

(Military News Agency, Taoyuan, 25th) NCSIST and Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) jointly held “Ceremony of Agreement on New Training Aircraft and Merchandising Conference.” It was a token of the new era of Taiwan’s aerospace industry and a solid base for national defense.

The ceremony was to have NCSIST’s Chief Kuan-Chun Chang and AIDC’s Chairman of the Board Jung-Hsin Liao sign the agreement. NCSIST gave a presentation on the development of project “Taiwan’s aircraft for Taiwan” and AIDC interpreted the detail of merchandising of aircraft body and engine.

NCSIST’s Chairman of the Board General Feng addressed that the project “Taiwan’s aircraft for Taiwan” is the best chance for national development in the aerospace industry. It was an expectation that through the expansion of the project, NCSIST and AIDC can bring prosperity for the relevant industries and cohesively stimulate the economic growth. He also encouraged people with words “Success, lying upon the hands of those who know to grasp the chance and time.”

General Feng told people “It’s time for us to dedicate ourselves. It’s time for us to work together.” He anticipated that NCSIST and AIDC would jointly and successfully build up the capacity of sufficient national defense.

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