A group photo of all VIPs present in “20th anniversary of Mirage 2000” (Photo Credit: Military News Agency)

20th anniversary of Mirage 2000 to pass on the glory and brilliance

Publication Date: 2017/06/02

(Military News Agency, 2nd, Hsinchu) The Wing 499 of Air Force held “20th anniversary of Mirage 2000” with General Shen, Chief of Air Force, as the chairman and the presence of MND Director Feng, Hsinchu Mayor Chih-Chien Lin, local celebrities and senior ex-officers who were in charge of the foundation of Wing 499. They all together looked back to the history and encouraged the present officers to pursuit excellence in their career.

Director Feng said when he was the Chief of Air Force, he once encountered Chinese aircrafts intrusively flying towards Taiwan in night time. Air Force immediately sent their finest flying Mirage 2000 to successfully intercept the Chinese aircrafts and block them from Taiwan’s air.

Director Feng addressed the importance of projects “Self-sufficient national defense” and “Taiwan’s aircrafts for Taiwan”. He expected new training aircrafts could be an achievement in time by the self-R&D of Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC). Meanwhile, Director Feng also gave his compliment to Air Force for the foundation of Research and Development Centre of Aerospace Technology (RDCAT) in last year. In the future the centre would be critical for Taiwan to build up the combat ability that Air Force needs to secure the national safety and prosperity.

General Shen thanked all ex-commanders of the Wing and senior officers who put their efforts in it to complete the intricate take-over as fast as they could. Mirage 2000 has eventually been a hardcore to protect Taiwan’s air.

To offer a solid proof of Mirage’s outstanding ability, a aerobatic show was arranged to demonstrate Mirage posing maximum take-off, Aileron Rolls, Slow Rolls, Cuban Eight, and Barrel Rolls, which stunned the audience.

Additionally the event had a stall of historical tutorial and all visitors were given brief by guiders to go through the displays of F-104 decommissioning, Mirage 2000 take-over and Wing foundation, Exercises, civil defense and aerobatics. Hopefully, to unveil the glorious history and re-experience the service was to witness the robust capacity of Air Force.

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