President Tsai Ing-Wen with MND Director Feng went to the command centre of the 3rd Battle Group to debrief the situation. (Photo Credit: Military News Agency)

President Tsai Ing-Wen inspirited the 3rd Battle Group for having responded to disaster rescue swiftly

Publication Date: 2017/06/03

(Military News Agency, 3rd, Taoyuan) Due to the recent torrential rain in Taiwan, President Tsai Ing-Wen with MND Director Feng went to Taoyuan to inspect the preparation and command centre of the 3rd Battle Group. Apart from acknowledging the immediate support of the military to help evacuation and prevent people from disaster, President also indicated that the government had to be always aware of the danger to protect the livelihood.

As President arrived at the command centre, she first debriefed “Disaster status”, “Organised teams of the Battle Group”, and “Rescue situation” and then facetimed with Taipei division to realise the current circumstances.

President thanked the military for swift reaction and deployment, especially for pre-deployment which assisted the local government to evacuate people from those areas subject to landslide and inundation.

President said the fast response of the 3rd Battle Group was the key for Keelung, New Taipei City and Taipei City to recover from the disaster. Along with the 3rd Battle Group, the entire national forces were mobilised in the face of the condition. Where there is in need of help, there are the national forces and people always remain calm as long as the military presence. She thanked all military members for supporting the rescue mission.

She specifically mentioned a few orders for all government units. First, the military had to maintain the effort and stand by for any urgent situation. Second, all units in Executive Yuan were supposed to have full communication with the local government and keep the information transparent and the public up-to-date. Third, all resources had to be integrated to prepare for the recovery.

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