The nurse team of Military Hospital introduced its prize-winning works and their functions. (Photo Credit: Military News Agency)

R&D achievement of Military Hospital gained rewards in International Exhibition of Invention in Russia

Publication Date: 2017/06/06

(Military News Agency, 6th, Taipei) Military Hospital recently reached new success in R&D, especially two featuring inventions, i.e. “Memory cap for IV” and “Tape-free fixing belt for Foley catheter” which gained two golden rewards, one silver reward and one special prize. These are the solid proofs of brilliant service and research capacity of Military Hospital.

MND held a press conference for Colonel Wang, Vice Director of Military Hospital, to introduce the inventions.

Colonel Wang said the nurse team had found that repetitive insulin self-IV of diabetes patients would cause damage to the skin and muscle tissues at the same spot. After continuous refinement, the “Memory cap for IV” came out to reduce the damage and win reputation among patients.

In addition, nurses had found patients usually using Foley catheter were subject to skin damage and infections whilst changing the tape of fixing catheter. Thus “Tape-free fixing belt for Foley catheter” came out to lower the chance of infections and improve the medical quality, winning outstanding reflection.

Colonel Wang indicated that due to the reputation of “Memory cap for IV” and “Tape-free fixing belt for Foley catheter” they were displayed in Taipei International Exhibition of Inventions in 2016 and recommended by Chinese Innovation and Invention Society in 2017 to participate in the exhibition “18th Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies”.

The exhibition contained 22 countries, 1100 pieces of inventions. The featuring works of Military Hospital impressed 17 international commissioners with their imperativeness and applicability. Memory cap won “Golden Reward of Scientific Inventions” and “Silver Reward of International Inventions” whilst tape-free fixing belt won “Golden Reward of International Inventions” and “Special Prize of International Inventions”.

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