: The Second Assault Group of Assault Helicopter is Formed The Battle Strength of Army Ground Forces is on the Launching Pad | 國軍戰備演訓 - 國防部軍事新聞通訊社 跳到主要內容區塊

The Second Assault Group of Assault Helicopter is Formed The Battle Strength of Army Ground Forces is on the Launching Pad

Publication Date: 2017/06/29

(reported by journalist Chen Ying-zhu from Military News Agency on June 28th in Taoyuan)The opening ceremony of the second assault group's formation of assault helicopter of aviation number 601 brigade was held by the ROC Army Aviation and Special Forces Command this morning. The event where over two hundreds official representatives along with their families had been invited to attend was hosted by Commanding General Wang Xin-long. Together they witnessed the formation of strong combat ability of the Army in new generation.

Commander Wang had announced the army orders for the assault group in the first place during the ceremony, then he turned to inspect AH-64E helicopter and the ground troops formed by soldiers from the second assault group. He also gave high affirmation and praised the entire assault group for their adhering to the practical attitude of "down-to-earth excellence and advancement" towards the execution of reloading discipline while sparing no efforts on devoting themselves to developing new armed forces ever since its composition.

"In order to obtain a winning secret weapon as outstanding as this on the battle field, the army has undergone a toilsome scheme of preparations and personnel trainings for setting up the group successfully in the end," Commander Wang declared, "And those who can fly Apache are definitely the most exceptional pilots from Army Ground Forces."

Commander Wang had also emphasized that the formation of the second assault group would bring stronger battle strengths to the army ground forces which might lead to the winning vanguard of national security defense; therefore, he encouraged and expected that all the officers could be cooperative in utilizing new equipments and importing new thoughts. Moreover, combing high quality manpower from long-term military service of mercenary system with the ceaseless practice of diligent and refining deed and the research and exploration of strategies and tactics, the cutting-edge reinforcements could thus be possibly integrated into high quality manpower. This would result in a first-rate troop formed with prominent soldiers and first-class weapons that were able to bring the entire combat capabilities of both aviation and army into full play which would eventually become the best protective barrier of defending national peace.

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