5 IDF fighters of Air Force Wing-427 flew overhead in the event “25th anniversary of IDF service” held by Air Force HQ on 14th (photographed by journalist Cho, Yi-Li from Military News Agency)

25th anniversary of IDF service to witness the glorious commitment

Publication Date: 2017/07/14

(reported by journalist Cho, Yi-Li from Military News Agency on July 14th in Taichung) Air Force HQ held “25th anniversary of IDF service” in Taichung air force base. The precedent wing chiefs and R&D members were invited to the anniversary and there were documentary films played, exhibition, and IDF fighters flying overhead as witnesses of the historical and glorious time of all seniors who were struggling all the way through.

In the event apart from the documentary films of IDF there was an exhibition to display precious and historical pictures and equipment which made the VIPs go through the time along with the interpretation of design, research and development, service, upgrading and prospect of IDF fighters. It was a demonstration to show the brilliant capacity and a throw-back of the service history.

To present the outstanding capacity of IDF fighters, Air Force Wing-427 and Wing-443 prepared 5 fighters each to fly overhead and every wing was in V-formation and commanded by the wing chief flying the colourful fighter. Afterward, Lieutenant colonel Shih-Po Liu demonstrated an aerobatic show of IDF, giving inverted flight, Cuban Eight, 9G quick turn and vertical ascending rolls. It was not only a breath-taking aerobatic show but the most decent solute to those dedicated seniors of the air force.

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