Air Force Fire-prevention Camp No. 303 in proceeding with 35 Rapid-fire night live ammunition, leaving a long flashlight by the tracer (photographed by journalist Kuo Chia-liang from Military News Agency)

Air force 35 Rapid-fire for night shot – verification training result

Publication Date: 2017/08/07

(reported by journalist Kuo Chia-liang from Military News Agency on August 06th in Pingtung)

The air force Fire-prevention No. 303 Camp has been proceeding with 35 Rapid-fire at night for live ammunition, in which the target drone hangs LARTT-9 target for the imitation from the opposing enemy towards the important target at our end, after precision research is made by the radar to demarcate, then shoot with high explosive fiery bullet, followed by successful reaching the target and complete the whole shooting mission.

The subsidiary of Air force Fire-prevention gunner commander Camp 303 Row No. 2, is responsible for this shooting mission. This is also part of their annual military base training. During the shooting, firstly it is to have the Superior Forces M-model shooting control system for guidance, after the target has reached within the shooting range, the radar shall lock in precision, and after confirming the target drone machine has passed over the target zone above the air, the shooting control remotely control the target-shooting. At this point of time, the light-bullet has formulated layers of light to shoot over the night view, in addition with the explosive sound formulated at night, they seem quite shocking. After completing the second stage of the radar shooting, Camp 303 Row 2 should immediately transfer into aiming shooting, imitating radar failure and suffer from enemy battling interference, for fire-shooter to utilize “Flanders Sights” to be well prepared for fighting, with further verification on the capabilities of the shooters’ fire-operation.

Fire-prevention Camp 303 Row 2 Captain Major Huang has stated that the base shooting mission is the major task annually, it is also the opportunity for station training verification. The whole team should be well prepared with challenges with high morale, and everyone should be playing respective role, not only gun-shooter, ammunition man, shooting control radar specialist, they are all working conscientiously in playing respective role, so the shooting mission could be well accomplished. In the future, they should continue to work ahead to propel into the mission on the battling training, and safeguard the frontline on anti-aircraft defense.

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