Chu Wei Min is the administrative appointed instructor in the Military Air Force basic flight training, in which he has accumulated over 10 thousands flight hours for T-34 training. (photographed by journalist Chou Li-Hsin from Military News Agency)

Single Model Flight hours over 10 thousands, Mr. Chu Wei-Ming is the first person who achieved this

Publication Date: 2017/08/14

(reported by journalist Chou Li-Hsin from Military News Agency on August 13th in Kaohsiung)

This is the record on air force for single model flight hours over 10 thousand hours! Air Force Academy basic training team, Mr. Chu Wei-Min instructor has accumulated the training of T-34 instructor hours of 11,800 hours accumulative, which is considered the most senior “flight centenarian” on the air force up until now.

The air force currently only has official school with administrative personnel, as the instructor Pilot needs to have abundant experience, in order to understand all the problems the students are confronted with, in which correct guidance is given, or to identity if the student is suitable for flying. However, general officers need to continuously accumulate experience, in which the officers could hire the retired military officers, so they could stay in their teaching position to contribute their effort on educations of the flight excellence.

Chu Wei-Min is the appointed instructor in the air force flight-basic training team, who graduated from air force of No. 66th (the year of 1985). He started his instructor career leading flight in 1990, and then transfer to administrative special officer in 1996, accumulated more than 100 students over the course of 27 years.

The orange red flight suit with the word IP (Instructors Pilot) with blue basal color and white colored worded imprinted on the shoulder. Mr. Chu Wei-Min has his daily task of leading the students on flight training, and 2-3 sessions each day, for which has accumulated over 400 hours of flight hours, which the flight hour is double or triple of the current flight officers in the battling department.

Early this year, he received T-34 Instructor vendor, Beechcraft with accreditation of “Flight hours over 10 thousand hours”, which broke the flight-hour history. Mr. Chu has heartfelt with this award and is deeply honored.

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