Air Force General Shan held the commencement ceremony on 30th for “Air Force RDCAT” with honor flag. (Photo credit: Military News Agency)

Commencement ceremony of Air Force RDCAT to meet the requirement of air defense

Publication Date: 2016/12/30

(Military News Agency report in Taichung, 30th) Air Force Commander General Shan held the commencement ceremony for “Air Force Research and Development Centre of Aerospace Technology” and addressed the Centre would be in charge of the surveillance and management of project “Taiwan’s aircrafts for Taiwan” and get involved in the design and research of “Fighter Jet: Next Generation” on the basis of the procedure of weapon acquisition and case-by-case management. All tests and examinations will be operated to establish an air defense capacity meeting the requirement of Air Force to ensure the national security and people’s wealth.

The commencement ceremony of Air Force RDCAT was held in the morning at Taichung Airport. General Shan promulgated the organizing order followed by honor flag and stamp along with inscribed board. In the ceremony those predecessors serving in former “Aerospace Development Center”, “Project An-Hsiang”, “Surveyor team”, “Combat examining center”, “NCSIST”, and “AIC”, as well as scholars of aerospace, mechanics, and aero-electric were jointly invited to witness the historic moment.

General Shan addressed that the purpose of RDCAT is to achieve the policy of “self-efficient national defense”. Thus, Air Force integrated “Aerospace Industrial Development Centre” with “Management Department of Weapon Acquisition” to re-organize the RDCAT.

General Shan encouraged all member staff to contribute in the future destiny of RDCAT that the demand of Air Force and projects of national defense technology will be carried out with the combination of governmental and civil resources to launch the self-R&D for upgrading the domestic aerospace industry.

General Shan also emphasised that RDCAT will maintain the frequent and close collaboration with relevant universities, colleges, NCSIST, AIC and domestic enterprises. Through the collaboration the national demand in aerospace technology and weapon systems can be satisfied to found an industrial chain as a strong economic pillar which is stimulated by Air Force’s requirement.

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