President Tsai visited Army Air-borne 601 division to give compliment over the performance. (Photo credit: Military News Agency)

President Tsai visited Army Air-borne 601 division giving compliment for performance

Publication Date: 2016/12/30

(Military News Agency report in Taoyuan, 30th) President Tsai paid a visit to Army Air-borne 601 division to check the performance of helicopter pilots and encourage the troops to win the reputation back with its solid training and the best shot.

President Tsai firstly listened to the brief of General Lee, the Commander of 601 Division, and then headed to the garage of helicopters for not only the dynamic interpretation by Lieutenant Colonel Ye but also the explanation at static display area of AH-64E and UH-60M helicopters.

President Tsai said every member here were active and keen to show the fruit of the regular training and cheered for them “Well-done everyone. Stay on it!”

The President stated that 601 division is an Army unit of elites with the talented members and state-of-the-art weapons to defend the northern region for national security. In fact, the Army is the cornerstone of the national forces and powerful strength to protect the country from enemy invasion in addition to the supportive feature for people’s life and properties during natural disasters.

The President also praised the brothers and sisters in Army are always clever. In each rescuing mission the people has witnessed the effort of Army and it was said “where there is chaos, there is Army. People can be relieved as they see you.”

The president indicated that during peaceful ages the capacity of the national forces is reflected by the rescuing performance. In the last year the national forces were dedicated to rescuing missions that Army had mobilised nearly 90,000 men. The work and effort were awarded by the society and won the reputation back for people. It is not only to re-build the relationship between Army and people but also make people convinced that the troops are able to defend its country as enemy invasion.

President addressed that the powerful capacity of Air-borne division can only be forged by hard and solid training. The expectations and pressure are high and so as the blaming when it comes to failure. But it is the President’s belief every member in this unit is the elite to win the Army’s reputation back step by step with solid training and the best performance. The President stated again she will be the strongest support for everyone.

Due to the New Year Holiday the President thanked the endeavor of all soldiers on-duty and the 24-hour alert to secure the country.

Later, the President went to the building of mocking training machines and debriefed the training of AH-64E helicopters. At noon the President had a lunch with representatives and soldiers and gave bonus for meal as a courtesy.

The Secretary and the Deputy Secretary of National Security Council, Director of MND, Chief Commander, and Deputy Secretary of Office of the President were also present for the event.

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