MND’s Director Feng held the unveiling ceremony of submarine exhibition in Military Historic Museum on 13th, encouraging the commitment of nation-made submarines. (Photo credit: Military News Agency)

Military Historic Museum opened as Director Feng encouraged the commitment of nation-made submarines

Publication Date: 2017/01/13

(Military News Agency report in Taipei, 13th)Military Historic Museum unveiled the exhibition “The Sniper of Deep Seas, History of the ROCN Submarine Force”. The ceremony was held by Director Feng who expected the people can understand the history of sweat and tears of submarine troops and also encouraged the commitment of nation-made submarines to forge a new force for national security and the regional peace.

Director Feng, as a representative of national forces, firstly gave his gratitude to the navy predecessors who served in submarine troops. He addressed that “your contributions were critical for the safety of our country’s naval region” and gave his highest respect.

Director Feng said when he was in University of National Defense he realized the high value of submarines as efficient capacity in national defense during the course of discussion with navy folks. Thus, “It is a go now for nation-made submarines and it is a must-be-done mission” said the Director, who expected the collaboration to forge a new generation of submarine troops to fortify the marine security and regional peace.

Afterward, the Director Feng plus present VIPs paid visits to each display area with interpreters and experienced several interactive devices to understand the sweat and tears of those old days.

The exhibition contains 7 subjects such as “The New Born”, “The Youth of Wuchang Fleet”, “Reception of Guppy Submarines”, “Establishment of the Force”, “Reception of Hai-Lung Submarines”, “Critical Exercises” and “Visions”. All the important materials, historical documents and photos are perfectly presenting the development of navy submarine force to have people understand the integrated history.

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