Director Feng having a photo with VIPs on 8th after the commencement ceremony. (Photo Credit: Military News Agency)

NCSIST new R&D display museum revealed as a witness of the fruit of national defense industry

Publication Date: 2017/03/08

(Military News Agency, Taoyuan, 8th) The first museum which specifically introduces the nation-developed weapons was unveiled at the ceremony in Long-Yuan Research Park of NCSIST. It was held by Director Feng of MND who expected the high-tech nation-developed weapons can re-firm the confidence of people in national security.

The ceremony was held in the morning at Long-Yuan Research Park in Taoyuan with the presence of Taoyuan mayor, Army Commander General Wang, Air Force Commander General Shen and the President of National Defense University, General Wu, to witness the remarkable fruit of NCSIST.

Director Feng, during the speech, gave his gratitude to all predecessors and members of NCSIST for their effort to harvest the extraordinary fruit.

Director Feng said the unveiling of the display museum is not only demonstrating the achievement of NCSIST but also showing the pride on sufficient national defense to enhance people’s confidence.

Director Feng indicated the policy of sufficient national defense and the demonstration of R&D can tell the outstanding scientific ability of NCSIST to allure more talented people to devote themselves into national defense technology, which leads NCSIST to become a better institute of national defense.

Afterward Director Feng and Mayor Cheng with VIPs were guided in each display area to understand the key techniques of 5G and the applications of multiple types of radar and literally experience the firing in a cabin and interactive modelling systems. It is all the fruit and the capacity of national defense technology.

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