President Tsai granted the ranks to each one of the representative graduates on the 30th. (photographed by journalist Xu Zhen-wei from Military News Agency)

President Tsai Hosted the United Commencement of Three Armed Services Academies and Six Schools New Bloods are Added to the Military Strength of National Defense

Publication Date: 2017/07/01

(reported by journalist Chen Jian-xing from Military News Agency on June 30th in Taipei)The 2017 united commencement of three armed services academies and six schools under Republic of China Armed Forces (ROC Military Academy, ROC Air Force Academy, ROC Naval Academy, Fu Hsing Kang College, NDU, Management College, NDU, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, NDU, National Defense Medical Center, and Air Force Institute of Technology) was held at Fu Hsing Kang College, NDU today with President Tsai as its hostess. A total number of 1028 graduates were granted their diverse ranks of Second and First Lieutenant formally, and hence the new bloods are added to the military power of national defense.

Accompanied by her Secretary-general to the President Wu Zhao-xie, Secretary-general to National Security Council Yan De-fa, Minister of Ministry of National Defense R.O.C., Feng Shih-kuan, and other important cadres from Republic of China Armed Forces, President Tsai arrived at Fu Hsing Kang College, NDU and was welcomed by military honor guards' performance. Then she headed to Jhongjheng Hall for hosting the united commencement where she granted the ranks to the representative graduates, awarded and honored the students who had been incredibly accomplished in the transcript, and had group photos as mementos with the new officers with their families. The graduates and their families were all invited to join the luncheon together to share the delightfulness of the students. The event was warm and ceremonious.

Holding the spirit of the common root, all the graduates of three armed services were expected to pass down the mission of "the most loving and sincere heart" to

building up the prepared army for war readiness by adding eminent leaders and new bloods to our national armed forces: to construct a modernized strong team for national defense which would be able to recreate a new glorious chapter on the history.

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