President Tsai went to Army SF’s base to inspect the exercise on 20th (photographed by journalist Li, Yi-Hao from Military News Agency)

President Tsai inspected Army SF and praised its ability

Publication Date: 2017/07/21

(reported by journalist Li, Yi-Hao from Military News Agency on July 20th in Pingtung) President Tsai went to Liangshan in Pingtung to inspect Army SF. She praised its hardcore training and robust ability and expected it as the backbone of the National Force. She addressed the government was working on to give National Force a better condition and promised to take care of each.

After President’s arrival she was briefed and then went to inspect the exercise.

President Tsai said that since the foundation of Army SF, it had been the most elite force ever that not only responded to regional anti-terror operations but also was in charge of “anti-abduction and anti-sabotage”. The regular exercise was merely the base but the sea, air, land training, hand-to-hand combat, and tactical explosion were also the must-pass subjects to be a qualified member.

President Tsai said there were loads of legends over the Army SF and she was fortunate to witness its training and robust ability which were all solid proof of Army SF’s legends. She said the force was truly the elite of the elite representing the best side of the National Force. She also referred to the fact that during the war time the force shouldered the most dangerous missions while in the face of natural disasters it stood at the front line. The spirit of Army SF was “Overcoming and delivering everything”, which was literally the core value of the National Force.

President Tsai expected MND could reveal the core value to the public and present the robustness of Army SF in every demonstrating opportunity before people. As the society witnessed the effort and dedication, the National Force wins its respect.

The Secretary and Deputy Secretary of National Security Council, Director of MND and Army Chief Commander were all present together.

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