President Tsai has attended the airforce of No. 443 lien to supervise its emergency flight operation training and imitation operation, and have taken picture together with all the officers. (photographed by journalist Lee Yi-Hao from Military News Agency)

President Tsai has reassured the No. 443 lien with their bravery on safeguard the Taiwan air-space, encouraging the national army to safeguard freedom and democracy

Publication Date: 2017/07/29

(reported by journalist Lee Yi-Hao from Military News Agency on August 28th in Tainan)President Tsai has arrived the Tainan Air-space this morning, in assurance of our air force excellence battling capability, No. 443 lien has persisted on the primary standpoint of “No-fear, No-evasion, No-impression of weakness”, working in bravery to safeguard Taiwan air-space, and further encourage all the military brothers and sisters to safeguard our land together, for the continuous work on the defense of democracy value.

After the arrival the of the president, firstly we have the No. 9th Battling Captain Chiang Yi-Siou introducing IDF’s battling capability and its weapon equipment, followed by entering south warning room, to verify the air commander, Mr. Shen Yi-Min pressing down the alerting button, the alerting personnel should be immediately activating the flight practice and execute emergency flight mission, followed by luncheon with the office representatives.

President Tsai has pointed out that during this period, the China People’s Liberation Army has been activated frequently in the Taiwan coastal line and the air-space. Not only could the national army take control of the whole matter with appropriate manners being conducted. The whole team members of Tainan Air force base No. 443 lien have worked hard on safeguard the air space with major responsibility, also have successfully accomplished the mission, proven that the No. 443 lien, a well representation of national army, is indeed a team of excellence.

In regards to the recent picture issued by the national defense department, President Tsai has stated that the mission execution is actually NO. 443 lien’s battling opportunity.

President Tsai has reinforced, that each day, all brothers and sisters in the military army should behave like No. 443 lien, with high maintenance of training and battling preparation. Each day, all national defense team members of brothers and sisters should behave like No. 443 lien, working stringently in grasping the situation of the enemy end, ensuring the national safety. This is the daily life the military army.

President Tsai has made further encouragement, that “We are the best”. This is the very slogan of No. 443 lien team. Today I am here to verify this. “Yes, You are the best”. Shall the very best to everyone, not to forget the very original intention, and follow the team rule, and work continuously.

National Safety Congress Secretary, Yen De-Fa, Deputy Secretary Chen Wen-Cheng, National Defense Department Chief, Feng Shih-Kuan, General Chief of Army, Lee Sih-Ming and Major General Lu-Chien Chung, Captain of No.443 lien, all attended this event.

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