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The first combat zone of Cheng Jiang Exercise conducted live ammunition and demonstrated solid combat strength

  • 2022/03/16
Firing of 155mm howitzer. (Photographed by reporter Chou Sheng-wei, Military News Agency)
Firing of 155mm howitzer. (Photographed by reporter Chou Sheng-wei, Military News Agency)

(Reporter Chou Sheng-wei of Military News Agency, Penghu, 16th)The first combat zone of the Armed Forces carried out the "Cheng Jiang Exercise" at dawn today. During the process, various types of artillery were fired in sequence, and all of the fireworks properly demonstrate the results of servicemen’s solid training in the defense area, thus achieving the goals of training for combat, as well as oneness of combat and training.

The first combat zone indicated that the exercise was furnished based on "combat as background, training as focus." First, the artillery should implement “positions change, unceasing fire powering” of shore firing against landing vessels, with armored vehicles based on a “dynamic against static” profile and “momentary stoppage of shooting” measures as they resorted to shore and beaching annihilation by firing power using various machine guns and sniper rifles to perform protective shooting and accurate sniping on the battlefield, respectively. Such exercises help troops on battlefields to verify command and control, services coordination, and situational response capabilities, all of which can effectively enhance the combat strength of troops.

Commander Lieutenant General Liu pointed out that the Armed Forces shoulder the heavy responsibility of defending the front line as it confronts threats from the enemy. To achieve the requirements of “setting out for combat at once” and “everywhere is a battlefield, every moment is training,”, training is designed to be harder and more difficult so that servicemen can be familiar with the combat environment and combat plans, as they are tested with results of their every-day diligent training and improvement at all times. As a result, the entirety of servicemen from the first combat zone can demonstrate the will-power and determination as “all share the same destiny, and yield not an inch of ground behind” to resist the enemy and protect the homeland.