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History of MNA

In June 1946, the R.O.C. Military Council was reorganized into the Ministry of National Defense. Following as a model the operation of the U.S. forces press service, the national army established a complete system for military news service, namely, the Military News Agency to provide correct military news and information to the domestic and foreign media. At the time, the headquarters of the agency was founded in Nanking, and started and continued to file stories since July 7, 1946. The date also became the agency's founding anniversary. The relocation of the R.O.C. government from the Chinese mainland to Taiwan did not hauled the direction, nor interrupted the practice, of the main tasks of the agency to report correct military news.

The agency began its television service in 1971, producing television news and programs. Besides, the organization stemmed into the headquarters and branches in Taichung, and Kaohsiung. The headquarters consisted of mainly three sectors: editors, led by Chief Editor, reporters and business staff, generally directed by the agency's Director. The regional branches covered local military stories and information.

Aside from offering military news, pictures and videotapes to the media, the agency also produces various television programs including "On the Line of Defense," "Chu Kuang TV Teaching" and" Spanning a Long History." Some programs had won the Government Information Office's Golden Belt Awards many times.

Accommodating to the present global situation and the evolving technology and uses of the media, the agency provides news not only in forms of videos, texts and pictures with printed and television means but also uses the internet and satellite. This makes the agency the most cross-fields press agency in Taiwan.

Alongside the trend of digitalization, the agency has also spent effort on the construction and maintenance of a video digital bank in order to preserve and sustain the military video data. The agency has begun the production of online video news to report the most current situations of the national army to the public via the internet since February, 2007. One year later, the agency began to issue e-mail news in February, 2008. Since October 10 in the same year, the public have been allowed to access Military News Agency's news via mobil internet devices. In December, 2008, the agency completed the SNG system and became capable of satellite news gathering and broadcasting, removing the spatiotemporal limits on news service. The agency's digitalization not only increases the mobility and independence of the agency as a press; as a part of the national defense, it also largely enhances the total force of the national army.