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Security Policy

The Website of Military News Agency, Ministry of National Defense (hereinafter referred to as the Website) complies with the “Personal Information Protection Act” for ensuring the Website’s as well as your information security and implements the following information security policy to state the Website's information security practices.

  1. The Scope of Policy

    The following information security policy is applicable to the collection, utilization, and protection of personal information when you are browsing the Website. However, it is not applicable to the other websites that are linked therefrom. When one follows the links to other websites, the website security policies of the websites apply.

  2. Access to Other Websites

    The information security policy of the Website only applies to "the Website of Military News Agency, Ministry of National Defense." There may be hyperlinks to other websites or web pages provided and users may get access to these websites via the Website. However, the information security policy of the Website does not apply to these websites whether or not these websites are governed by their own specific information security policies regardless of the content.

  3. The Website Security Measures and Rules Any unauthorized action to intentionally upload or modify any services provided by the Website or other relevant information is strictly prohibited and may be in violation of the law. In order to attain website security and to ensure that services can be provided uninterruptedly to all Internet users, the Website delivers the following security protection measures:
    1. An Internet intrusion detection system will be utilized to monitor the flow of network traffic to identify unauthorized intentional intruders trying to upload or modify website information.
    2. A firewall will be established to prevent illegal intrusion, data destruction and hacking from illegitimate use of the Website to ensure the users’ right.
    3. Anti-virus software will be installed for periodic virus scans to ensure a safer browsing environment for the users.
    4. Periodic vulnerability scans as well as proper Internet security protection measures will be conducted.
    5. System backup will be established to execute everyday data and software backup to backup servers.
    6. Electronic notifications about the security system and its maintenance from all system and operation vendors will be automatically received. Patches will also be installed appropriately in accordance with the recommendations of such notices.
    7. The Internet data transmission cannot be guaranteed a hundred percent security; the Website will strive to protect the information security of the Website as well as users. Under certain circumstances, a standard SSL security system will be utilized to ensure data transmission security. However, the data transmission process can be influenced by users’ Internet surfing environment. As we cannot guarantee the security of the data transmission from this Website, users must be aware of and assume the risks involved in Internet data transmission. Please understand that any consequences resulting from this are beyond the Website's control.
  4. The Amendment of Information Security Policy of the Website

    Due to rapid technological advancement, the unfinished implementation of relevant regulations, and other future unforeseeable environmental changes, the information security policy of the Website is subject to change as required to ensure proper Internet security protection. After the Website has completed any amendments to the information security policy, we will immediately publish the new policy on the Website and highlight the amended sections for your reference.

  5. For any inquiries or comments about the above terms and conditions, users are welcome to contact us via the contact information listed on the Website.