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Navy Fleet Command issues information on the opening of the Naval Goodwill Midshipmen Cruising & Training Squadron to the public March 3, 2023)

  • 2023/03/03

Naval Fleet Command stated today (3 rd ) that the Navy Goodwill Midshipmen Cruising & Training Squadron has incorporated three vessels and warships for the year 2023: the Panshih fast combat support ship (oil and bomb supply ship), Cheng De warship (Kangding-class missile frigate), and Pan Chao warship (Chung Kung-class frigate). These three warships will be open for the public to visit at each port of berth to inspire young people to join the navy in the future.

Naval Fleet Command said that the training of the Goodwill Midshipmen Cruising & Training Squadron mainly entails providing fresh graduates from the navy academy, and political warfare, management, and technology colleges with the opportunity to participate in cruise training so they may gain practical experience to support their studies and lay a good foundation as they aspire to a career in the navy in the future.

The opening times at each port for domestic cruising training:

(1) Kaohsiung Port: March 10 and 11 (Friday, Saturday) 0900 to 1500.

(2) Anping Port: March 12 and 13 (Sunday, Monday) 0900 to 1500.

(3) Magong Port : March 14 and 15 (Tuesday, Wednesday) 0900 to 1500.

(4) Taichung Port: March 17 and 18 (Friday, Saturday) 0900 to 1500.

(5) Keelung Port: March 19 and 20 (Sunday, Monday) 0900 to 1500.

(6) Suao Port: March 24 and 25 (Friday, Saturday) 0900 to 1500.

(7) Hualien Port: March 26 and 27 (Sunday, Monday) 0900 to 1500.

The general public and students across the country are welcome to visit and enjoy an unforgettable national defense day out. Visitors must bring their ROC ID card or other photographic identification documents to verify their identity as a national. Visitors are also encouraged to arrive at the port early to avoid disappointment.