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The Ministry of National Defense issues a press release that "The formation of the CCP aircraft carrier, Shandong, and vessels passed through the Bashi Channel"

  • 2023/04/05

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) stated today (5 th ) that the Armed Forces adopted joint intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance measures to keep abreast of the whereabouts of the CCP aircraft carrier, Shandong, and the formation of vessels when they passed through the Bashi Channel alongside the southeast waters of Taiwan as it unveiled its first voyage training in the western Pacific. Our Navy and Air Force, as well as our land-based radar system, were well placed to record the movements and implement close surveillance and monitoring.

The MND pointed out that as the CCP continuously dispatches aircraft and warships to provoke the sea-water and airspace around Taiwan it not only poses a real threat to our national security, but also undermines regional security and the stability of the status quo. Such actions are surely not what a responsible modern country should be doing.

The MND emphasized that"external pressure will not hinder our determination to go global", and the Armed Forces will continue to monitor developments around the Taiwan Strait closely as well as uphold the principle of "Not Escalating Conflict, and Not Triggering Fights" to deal with any challenges. The MND is confident that it has the ability and determination to safeguard our national security.