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The Ministry of National Defense issues a press release to clarify media reports about "the low acceptance rate of the voluntary registration system for educational recall as shown in a survey"

  • 2023/02/10

In response to media reports about “the low acceptance rate of the voluntary

registration system for education recall as shown in a survey”, the Ministry of

National Defense (MND) has clarified as follows today (10 th ):

1. At a regular press conference held on January 17 this year, the MND issued the

announcements and explanations of various quotas, qualifications, training units,

and the online registration system for reserves who wish to volunteer to participate

in call-up training. As noted in the announcements, all reserves who have been

discharged within the past 12 years, meet the physical requirements, and have not

been included in the call-up lots this year are encouraged to sign up for training.

2. In line with the first handling to be held this year, there will be 65 training units

for men with a quota of 575, and eight training units for women with a quota of

220. Some recent applicants for voluntary recalls have misunderstood that they

were not accepted this time, but they are, in fact, still on the list to be matched with

the appropriate expertise and rank at a later point. As such, the MND has already

contacted the relevant applicants and explained that will match those who have

signed up based on expertise and rank to the authorized training unit in due course.

3. Male and female reserves who volunteer for call-up training will follow the

current training mode. They will report to the training, be organized, be given

training in tactical positions, and will be provided with related courses such as

professional expertise, marching, camping, shooting training, and combat drills to

ensure effective combat skills training.