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The 234th Mechanized Infantry Brigade held a tri-service joint night attack training with live ammunition to verify the effectiveness of troops during night operations.

  • 2024/01/25

The 234th Mechanized Infantry Brigade recently conducted a nighttime live-fire "Training and Testing No.112-9 Exercise of Tri-service Joint Operations" at the Joint Operations Training Base to verify the troops' ability to manage communications, and troop and firepower utilization at nighttime to help enhance combat effectiveness.

This test was carried out at the Joint Training Operations Based of the three armed forces. The test started after dusk, and the artillery fired illumination bombs to kick off the live ammunition test. With solid training, servicemen from the 1st Joint Operations Battalion completed ammunition loading, hit the target, and engaged in other procedures using night vision equipment. As the commander delivered orders, the servicemen immediately launched attacks on the target areas with fire support from the Aviation and Special Forces and artillery, and successfully completed the test missions.

The 234th Mechanized Infantry Brigade stated that this test was carried out with real soldiers and live ammunition, following the guidance from the Ministry of National Defense (MND) as they comprehensively made use of night vision goggles to conduct nighttime live-fire combat training, while measures such as using auxiliary lights at target areas and fluorescent markings at shooting areas were abolished. Servicemen therefore had to rely on combat skills, armored vehicles, and individual portable night vision equipment to conduct live ammunition shooting at night. Such practice helps servicemen to get closer to actual combat scenarios, test their night combat capabilities, and enhance practical experience, thus helping to improve combat capabilities.