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Sheng Gong 2022 drill demonstration Showcasing precise strike firepower

  • 2022/06/26
The Avengers missile vehicle fires stinger missiles. (photographed by reporter Huang Shao-en, Military News Agency)
The Avengers missile vehicle fires stinger missiles. (photographed by reporter Huang Shao-en, Military News Agency)

(Reporter Huang Shao-en of Military News Agency, Pingtung, 26th) To implement and verify the combat readiness of the Armed Forces, the "Missile Shooting Training – 2022 Shengong Drill" was recently launched at Jiupeng area, Manzhou Township, Pingtung, to put into practice an combat scenario. During the drill, the Twin-mounted Stinger Missile System and Avengers Missile Vehicle performed field air defense missions as dictated by the situation. Throughout the exercise, aerial target bombs and target drones simulated an incoming enemy aircraft, and live ammunition and real-distance shooting were executed to demonstrate precise strike firepower.

 The Command unit leading the drill this year was the 4th Combat Zone, while artillery training troops and various exercise units were also engaged. The focus of the drill was on servicemen of the Army and Marine Corps participating in the exercise from local and outlying islands to verify the effectiveness of troop training at the station and base. During the exercise, officers and soldiers defied the scorching sun as they tracked down the target within a few seconds, pressed the launch button, and successfully shot it down. All of these actions demonstrated the professional skills and excellent tacit understanding of the troops involved.

 The drill command stated that the Armed Forces are shouldered with the duty of defending the country and people, and its core task is combat readiness and training remains unchanged. In the future, the Armed Forces will continue to adhere to the idea that training is a continuous process and they should strive to improve capabilities with "strictness, difficulty, and reality" to defend the country and protect the safety of people with practical action.

 Once the drill was completed, drill Command expressed its deepest gratitude to the locals of Hengchun, Manzhou, and Mudan areas in Pingtung who supported the Armed Forces in this exercise. Thanks to the long-term assistance and cooperation of the local community, the Armed Forces can successfully complete combat training and drills, demonstrating the unity between the military and civilians as they both work together to defend the homeland.