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Chung-yi Drill by Dongyin Area Command to Verify the Effectiveness of Troop Training

  • 2022/05/19
Shooting of 50 machine guns at night. (Photographed by reporter Lu Shang-yu, Military News Agency)
Shooting of 50 machine guns at night. (Photographed by reporter Lu Shang-yu, Military News Agency)

(Reporter Lu Shang-yu of Military News Agency, Dongyin, 19th) To verify the combat capability of each unit in areas of defense, Dongyin Area Command recently conducted live-fire training as part of the Chung-yi Drill in May. During the exercise, each unit performed drills as they were briefed of the example scenario and all drills were carried out effectively and accurately.

 The primary scope of this exercise covers the areas of Nan'ao, Bei'ao, and Yanxiu'ao of Dongyin Township. During the exercise, situations and scenarios such as “battlefield management", "sealing and opening the tuning in peace and war time", "protective shooting at night", "transfer of command post", "anti-airborne operations", "anti-vessel shooting", "primer annihilation at Aodi", and "base group battles to strengthen combat power" were released to verify the deployment of troops and firepower planning. All drills are designed to train officers and soldiers to be proficient in using weapons and when shooting live ammunition.

 Commander Major General Lai indicated that all servicemen would, as instructed by Command General Hsu, implement various combat and training tasks at the defense area to "take root at rank-and-file level, implement training, and handle scenarios in peace and war times." As such, every officer and soldier can appreciate the combat tasks and strengthen overall combat capabilities of the defense area, thus ensuring the safety of Dongyin.

 During the "protective shooting at night" phase of the Chung-yi Drill, officers and soldiers drove CM21 armored vehicles, maneuvered them to tactical positions, and fired at targets with 50 on-board machine guns. Throughout the shooting, tracer bullets left trails in the dark night, which reflected with the use of flares to illuminate the night sky of Dongyin.