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Press release for reference by the Ministry of National Defense in support of the "Flag-raising Ceremony at the Presidential Palace on New Year's Day 2023"

  • 2023/01/01

The flag-raising ceremony of the Republic of China at the Presidential Palace on

New Year’s Day 2023 was themed on “The will of everyone unite like a fortress asTaiwan moves forward”, and personally hosted by President Tsai. During theceremony, all the military and civilians present sang the national anthem led byMD300 Taiwan of Lions Clubs International, expressing love and recognition for their nation. The national flag was slowly raised to the anthem in celebration of the first day of 2023 for the Republic of China.

Minister Chiu of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) led General Chan, Chief of Staff, Mr. Bai Hong-hui, Deputy Minister of Military Affairs, General Wong, the Deputy Minister of Military Armaments, representatives from each unit of the joint chief officers, and a total of 477 student representatives from about 10 military schools including the Military, Naval, and Air Force Academy, Political Warfare College, Management College, Technology College, and Medical College of the National Defense University, the Army Academy, Air Force Institute of Technology, and the Chung Kyoga Armed Forces Preparatory School.

Members from MD300 Taiwan of Lions Clubs International were invited to sing the national anthem at the New Year’s Day event at the Presidential Palace. Also performing were the demonstration band of the MND and honor guard of the ROC, who showed their gratitude to our nationals for preserving through the pandemic and helping Taiwan advance in the international arena. Meanwhile, 10 military colleges and universities also participated in the flag-raising ceremony.

The MND emphasized that the flag-raising ceremony at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of China to mark 2023 is an important celebration of the country. To honor the theme of the event, “The will of everyone unite like a fortress as Taiwan moves forward”, the honor guard of the ROC and demonstration band of the MND not only displayed perfect strength and splendor in appearance and bearing, but also love for their country. Students from military colleges and universities in attendance represented the next generation of military might at the flag-raising ceremony.