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The 81st Mass Celebration Ceremony for Military Service Day Personnel and Units Celebrated with Merits in Promoting Military Service

  • 2024/02/27

The Mass Celebration Ceremony for the 81st Military Service Day for the year 2024 was held this morning at Chung Cheng Hall of the Bo Ai Building of the Ministry of National Defense (MND), jointly chaired by Po Horng-huei, Administrative Deputy Minister of the MND, and Wu Rong-hui, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI). During the event, they rendered high respect to all service administration colleagues and school principals from all levels, and affirmed recognition of award-winning colleagues for their dedication in promoting various service administration businesses and recruitment work of service personnel in the Armed Forces.

The MND stated that our country facilitated a new conscription system in 1943, following which service work entered a new milestone. As such, the government specially designated March 1 as Military Service Day to celebrate the new atmosphere of service. For Military Service Day every year, the MND and MOI awards decorations, certificates, and medals to military service colleagues, service personnel, and outstanding units that have achieved favorable results in promoting the recruitment of service personnel, soldiers, and other recruitment tasks. For the event this year, a total of 205 individuals, 121 outstanding units, 45 outstanding soldiers in volunteer service, and 20 outstanding solders on alternative service, including the Director of the Taichung Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Wu Shi-wei, were commended for the implementation of military service administration. Thanks were also rendered to the award-winning units and individuals for their efforts in promoting military service administration and protecting the homeland.

As noted in the speech by Deputy Minister Po, "All preparations are to prevent war, especially as military actions adopted by the CCP around the Taiwan Strait can happen at any time. However, all our nationals can always see our brothers and sisters of the three armed forces are, whether on outlying islands, at sea, or on high mountain posts, watching vigilantly around the clock as they stand fast to their platforms".

Deputy Minister Po elaborated, "Safeguarding the homeland is the responsibility of all, and a duty shared by everyone." He went on to say that it was a great honor to present the awards to all recipients. The reforms of the military service system are a big step forward for military services, and it is because of the support of all that it can continue and form part of important national defense policy of the country.

The MND indicated that the Armed Forces will make use of scientific and technological tools as well as practical combat coaching as its future training model, and adhere to the principle of "the battlefield is everywhere, training all the time" as it persistently improves and strengthens training for service personnel. As such, all service personnel are ready for war upon discharge, and feel equipped with the skills and capabilities they require to perform their roles. As discharged service personnel return to society, they can help promote the policy of military service reform and become partners of the services' work.

Last but not least, the MND would like to emphasize that the promotion of our major military service policy relies on the cooperation of various ministries and committees before the goals of government administration can be achieved. It is hoped that all colleagues will uphold their professionalism and strive to accomplish their tasks so that the missions of recruitment and conscription of Armed Forces personnel can be executed smoothly and successfully.