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Min'an No. 8 Exercise of New Taipei City Deepen Disaster Prevention Awareness and Strengthen Inter-ministerial Capabilities

  • 2022/07/14
Participants simulate rescuing lives from a collapsed building. (photographed by reporter Chou Sheng-wei, Military News Agency)
Participants simulate rescuing lives from a collapsed building. (photographed by reporter Chou Sheng-wei, Military News Agency)

(Reporter Chou Sheng-wei of Military News Agency, New Taipei, 14th) The "All-out Defense Mobilization and Disaster Prevention and Rescue in New Taipei City for the Year 2022” (Min'an No. 8 Exercise) drill went underway at the re-zoning area of Shanzizhen and Taishan MRT Park this afternoon. The exercise was chaired by Hou Yu-ih, the New Taipei City Mayor. The drill mobilized units from both public and private sectors, and included more than 1,800 people, 200 vehicles, 20 drones and four helicopters. The goal of the drill was to increase disaster prevention awareness in everyday life and protect the life and property of people.

 During the military drill, 24 emergency situations were released, including natural disaster rescue, wartime disaster rescue, mass evacuation of people, rescue due to an air accident, civilian and material resources mobilization, and shelter of victims. Throughout the process, colleagues and civil defense units worked together with the military, police, fire department, and medical and nursing staff to effectively verify the capabilities of New Taipei City search and rescue and wartime disaster rescue missions.

 Throughout the exercise, the New Taipei Military Police (MP), reserve cadres of New Taipei City Reserve Command, the Song Her Association of New Taipei City Reserve MP and other units worked together with exercise subjects and committed to the tasks at hand, including assisting the police in subduing terrorist attackers, and cooperating with environmental restoration and disaster relief. During the process, all units exercised the powers within their unit to maintain the normal operation of society and people's livelihood.

 In his speech, Mayor Hou thanked all the participants for their effort in the drill. The drills were conducted in high temperatures, yet the mobilization capabilities and tacit understanding among inter-ministerial authorities were smooth and strong. Mayor Hou emphasized that the drill has strengthen the local government's response to emergencies and prepared everyone further to handle international wars and combine cross-boundary resources from the public and private sectors to ensure manpower and equipment mobilization processes are effective to safeguard the safety of people and property.