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The Ministry of National Defense issues a press release about a report in the media regarding the "schooling arrangements of draftees", "substitution service" and more."

  • 2023/01/13

In response to media reports about the "schooling arrangement of draftees" and "substitution service", the Ministry of National Defense (MND) has clarified today (13th) as follows:

1. The adjustment of the compulsory military service period is a major policy of the country. To enable draftees to fulfill their national obligations while undertaking studies and taking career planning into account, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is currently discussing flexible schooling arrangements of draftees with various colleges and universities. The MND will, after the MOE has finalized the relevant support packages, continue to work with the MOE to ensure appropriate measures are in place. 

2. For quite some time, the MND and the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) have maintained close connections on issues such as the adjustment of the service period and revisions of body classification standards. The MOI stated that draftees born after 2005 must, aside from those who have met the body classification requirements for substitution service, comply with two categories, family and religion, if they are to fulfill substitution service.

3. In view of adjusting each and every supporting measure to render the compulsory service period complete, the MND will maintain contact with the relevant ministries and committees to implement and promote the policy to ensure the wellbeing and security of our nationals.